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Carpenters are construction workers. A construction site requires many different kinds of craftspeople and technicians: masons, electricians, plumbers, etc. However, carpentry is one of the oldest construction professions as wood was one of the first building materials. Carpenters know an amazing amount of techniques for woodworking and construction. In fact there are many different kinds of carpenters:

  • Space planning
  • Floor planning and layouts
  • Ceiling detail layouts

M. Persaud Home Improvement, LLC employs many types of carpenters in Short Hills. With such an extensive amount of expertise we can do almost anything you can think of if it involves lumber. And our expertise is even broader than that!

Cold-Formed Metal Framing

Cold-formed metal framing is an excellent example of this transition. To create the frame for a wall or door similar techniques are used as when it is lumber construction but cold formed metal has some extra advantages.

Gypsum Board Assemblies

It is very important to have a competent gypsum worker. Otherwise it is possible that after time the nails from the drywall will start popping out through the paint. This problem won’t be visible until well after the construction is done; once the boards have a chance to shift and shrink a little. To get the best drywall assembly at the best price give us a call today.

Rough Carpentry Wood and Metal

Rough carpentry is the industry term for a framer. What a rough carpenter/framer does is create the basic skeleton of a structure. Though they are carpenters they do not only work with wood. Framing can be done with metal supports rather than wooden beams and a rough carpenter also needs to know how to work with concrete so that they can set certain frames.

Our rough carpenters have done framing for all sorts of structures. Homes and buildings we have decades of experience in but we have also built tunnels, bridges, sewer supports, scaffolding, concrete forms and billboard signs. We generally do residential and municipal construction projects but we have done commercial construction as well. Our team produces quality results at competitive pricing.

Door Frames and Hardware

If you are looking to have a door installed in your residence or place of work then Short Hills carpenter, M. Persaud Home Improvement, LLC can get the job done, quickly and efficiently. Installing a door can be tricky business if the project deals with a loadbearing wall, so it pays to rely on a professional.

There are many different options for door creation. Depending on the traffic and available space it may be preferable to install slab, french, sliding or pocket doors. M. Persaud Home Improvement, LLC works with our customers to make sure that the door and its hardware meld into the surroundings perfectly. We will take you through all the possible looks and styles so get exactly what you’re looking for.

Trim Carpentry

Trim carpenters do ornamental woodwork. They create and install trim or molding for doors, windows, mantels, baseboards, and so on. Many carpentry companies don’t have an actual trim carpenter, that is, they have people who are good at installing trim but do not have the expertise to work wood into ornate trim or molding.

M. Persaud Home Improvement, LLC has a team of professional Short Hills trim carpenters who can create designs from scratch. However, as fellow Short Hills community members we understand that everyone has a different budget for their projects. If it is preferable for our customer’s budget we have pre-fabricated trim which we can install. If our customers are looking for an original look that they cannot find anywhere else we can create trim to fit the theme you wish the room to have.

Wood and Metal Ceilings

There are many advantages to both wood and metal ceilings. Wood ceilings, like wood floor or wood beams, can add a layer of warmth and comfort. They can be easily installed as they often come in a tongue and groove format so they interconnect like floor boards. Our Short Hills Carpenters can even custom detail your wood ceiling to a design of your choice.

Metal ceilings, besides adding a classic Victorian feel to a room, are very practical as they are more resilient than other ceiling options because they do not absorb moisture and are fire resistant. They come in many patterns and finishes and can be painted to match their surroundings. It is important to note that with advances in metal finishes our ceiling tiles require very little maintenance. It is often a concern of our customers that they will have to regularly polish the ceiling but our low maintenance metal ceilings are easily cleaned with an occasional dusting and wiping with a damp cloth.